Thursday, September 11, 2003

Let me introduce myself briefly. I live and work in London. And I became a Muslim a few years ago. Before sept-11, this didn't really matter. But post Sep-11, life as a professional in London has not been the same it once used to be. Occasional harrasment and stares from the public have become the norm now on account of my appearance - beard and dark skin (not a great combo these days). I tend to believe this is due to ignorance on the part of those who don't know much about Muslims - except from what they "learn" from the likes of tabloid newspapers for example. Anyway, all my muslim friends agree with me, that life has become difficult these days....

Finally, I thought I'd create these blogs more as a record for myself, and also so that I can have a go at playing around with "blogs" - I'm a newbie to blogging!

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